Referrals And Co-Counsel

We have significant experience assisting other attorneys and law firms who do not traditionally try cases or work in one of our practice areas, such as family law or criminal charges involving familial relationships.

Did a witness in your case testify poorly in a deposition or interlocutory hearing? Did you expect your case to settle, but now it is set for trial and you feel unprepared? We can step in and help.

We do not shy away from trial. Our firm has achieved success and won trials in numerous cases where our client had been told by a different attorney that the case could not be won.

We regularly seek and obtain intensive professional training and education in high-level seminars across the country. Every year, every lawyer in the office commits to trial advocacy training and exceeds the minimum annual continuing education requirements for attorneys.

As a result of our ongoing training and our team approach to trial work, we are often asked on the eve of trial to assist with or take the lead in complex, high-conflict family law matters, including cases involving property and business valuation, conflict due to personality disorders such as narcissism, contempt charges, cases involving domestic violence, child abuse and neglect, and mental health issues. Other lawyers also refer protective orders and criminal matters to us.

We offer intensive and thorough preparation of parties and witnesses for testimony at deposition and trial. Our services include private consultations for negotiation and trial preparation strategies.

We appreciate referrals and, where permitted by the rules, we pay referral fees.

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We are members of the attorney-to-attorney Litify Referral network