Anna Olson Photo

Anna Olson

Legal Assistant

Born in Tulsa, I spent most of my childhood in Edmond, with a little bit of Calgary, Alberta thrown in there too. Growing up in Oklahoma, I always thought about getting out, experiencing new cultures and places. After graduating from Edmond North, I moved to New Orleans to attend Tulane University, where I studied Political Economy, Public Health and French. An education in New Orleans is unique, in that during my four years in Louisiana’s capital, I learned just as much from the city as I did from my professors. I quickly fell in love with the Crescent City’s crawfish boils, jazz, second lines and more festivals than days in the year. While at Tulane, I benefited from studying a variety of disciplines, and realized that I had very little idea of what I would like out of life. On campus, I was involved in everything from Tulane’s tour guide organization to a professional business fraternity; off campus I interned at the New Orleans Jazz Museum and worked at a little taco joint specializing in mezcal tequilas. When asked if I intended to move back to Oklahoma, I always said no, never. Not me. Following graduation, I spent several months in France, entirely immersed in French, working on farms. In a region I would come to appreciate as one of the most beautiful in the world, south France’s Drôme, I learned how to milk goats, make cheese and grow comfortable in new environments. While I truly enjoyed my time in France, there’s something to be said for living near family and Oklahoma’s unmatched sky. So I moved back to Tulsa and found a job at Bundy Law, as I pursue interest in a legal future. While it was not where I expected to be, Tulsa is an exciting city to call home right now. I am looking forward to growing and learning within a city I only thought I knew, as I delve into my professional interests and Tulsa’s great coffee scene.