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Javier Priego


I graduated from the University of Tulsa on May of 2022, majoring in Political Sciences and double minoring in Spanish and African American studies. Law school is the next objective. In the midst of taking a gap year, I am studying for the LSAT and working as a paralegal for the attorneys at Bundy Law Office. I am a certified Divorce Financial Paralegal by the American Academy for Certified Financial Litigators. The knowledge and experience I have gained from my certification and working at the law office has been efficiently preparing me for law school and for the exciting legal journey that lays ahead of me.

I was blessed enough to know what I wanted to do with my life since a young age. Ninth grade U.S. government introduced my curious mind to laws and politics, and since then it just felt natural growing in this field. Academic knowledge and personal experiences have led me to the criminal and immigration field of law. I strive to one day be an attorney that gives people a fair chance at life and not allow them to feel alone against any frightening battles.

Reassuring that clients feel listened to and taken care of is a priority for my type of work—which is why I enjoy my job as a legal assistant so much. I get plenty of satisfaction knowing I can be a helping hand to the attorneys working long hours on our clients’ cases and being an extra set of eyes that makes sure everything is done as smoothly and fast-paced as possible. The root of my passion lies on the principle of helping people out. It is a pleasure of mine to be able to help our clients during times of stress and uncertainty.