Marina, Katie, Mandy, Aaron, and Danya

Why Bundy Law Office

Due to our unique combination of specialized training and experience, we know how to cut directly to what matters in a dispute. We are specially qualified to assist clients with family law matters involving business valuation, property division, financial support, and parental rights issues. Our attorneys have advanced skills and training to provide the highest level of client service for all stages of a legal matter:


Many cases are ultimately resolved privately, by agreement, and never reach a courtroom. As a result, negotiation skills are critical for every type of legal issue, from the friendly discussions and exchanges that are part of developing a robust prenuptial agreement to the fast-paced, no-nonsense offers and counteroffers in high-stakes criminal defense matters. We have special training for negotiating complex matters, and our reputation for success at trial and appeal enhances our chances of favorable resolution by agreement. People are able to be more creative in negotiation and settlement than a judge is at trial, so we look for opportunities and options for compromise throughout our representation.


Legal disputes that are not resolved through settlement are decided in a courtroom. We are known as supremely capable advocates. Our attorneys have tried bench and jury trials in matrimonial, civil, and criminal cases across eastern Oklahoma. Our aptitude as trial lawyers is second to none. We have even secured advantageous settlements for clients in the middle of trial after our opponent has experienced our trial work.


Cases are not necessarily finished when a judgment is entered. After resolution by trial, the participants have a narrow window to evaluate a fee request and appeal. We have an extraordinary track record of success on appeal. Even where a dispute was resolved by agreement, modification of the agreement may be possible. Whether the judgment was entered through compromise or by a judge or jury, there are many options for enforcement of court orders when necessary. 

Our Process

Our written process is based on a combination of best practices and leading psychological research. It is designed to optimize each client's opportunities for successful resolution while simultaneously ensuring that their matter moves forward regardless of the other side's willingness to fully participate in the proceeding. Because information is power, we encourage information-gathering at the onset of our engagement. Our early access to information gives us an advantage for risk analysis and strategic decision-making. We are able to make meaningful compromise offers while maintaining case credibility and retaining all other options for resolution. When settlement is not possible, we are ready for trial because we have previously gathered the necessary evidence. In the courtroom, we often have an advantage due to our preparation and because we did everything we could to resolve the dispute by agreement prior to trial. Our process works.

Our Philosophy

Leaders in the field of family law, we hold ourselves to the highest standards of practice. Other attorneys, including former adversaries, and judges contact us with questions about difficult issues in their cases. We emphasize credibility in every aspect of our practice.

Unfortunately, family law is notorious for poor behavior and even misconduct by the litigants and sometimes by their counsel. We will not engage in inflammatory communication. When the other side withholds evidence, we do not reciprocate by hiding information. We provide the most thorough analysis and strongest advocacy possible without resorting to the use of logical fallacies and obstructive tactics. By staying true to our principles, we are able to highlight the strengths of our case and maximize each client's opportunities for success.