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Although divorce and custody cases can sometimes take months or even years to reach a conclusion, there are special laws that permit rapid legal intervention to remove minor children from harm's way. Call us at (918) 208-0129, at any time, 24/7, if you or a loved one are experiencing an emergency situation involving child abuse, domestic violence, any investigation by law enforcement or the Department of Human Services, or an arrest.

We assist people with obtaining emergency protective orders and orders for emergency child custody due to harm or the threat of imminent harm.

Oklahoma law enforcement agencies can help you obtain a temporary protective order even when the courthouse is closed. 

If you are being investigated, you have the absolute right to have an attorney present. You need an attorney to help you understand the circumstances and your rights, including your right to not make any statement to the police.

If you or a loved one have been arrested, call us to discuss legal representation. Too often, people make the mistake of devoting all their resources to paying bond, then they cannot afford to hire a qualified lawyer after making bond. An experienced attorney can request bond reduction so you can afford counsel and bond.

Contact Us Immediately

Do not wait until the next day or after the weekend to call a lawyer. Call us right away at (918) 992-2142 and complete the intake form on this page. If your call is not immediately answered, leave a message and your call will be returned as soon as possible.

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