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Exiting the pandemic, international travel surged, sometimes overwhelming the capacities of airlines and airports. People travel more than ever for leisure and vocational purposes. Several start-ups are racing to develop supersonic commercial passenger planes to make international travel even more accessible to the public. At the same time, global politics have immediate and long-term implications for cross-border moves. For example, countries struggle with who are residents for tax purposes, the war in Ukraine rages on, and the EU, the UK, and the US engage in a bit of tit-for-tat with renewed visa requirements and travel fees.

Our law firm frequently handles child relocation and abduction cases, at trial and on appeal. Our attorneys have worked tirelessly to provide informational resources for our clients, other attorneys, and the general public about the complexities of child relocation disputes. In response to changing global dynamics and the needs of our clients, our interstate and international jurisdictional practice has grown immensely in the past few years. In 2023, we opened an office in Bentonville, Arkansas, and immediately took on a contested Hague child abduction case referred by the U.S. Department of State.

Against this backdrop, we are thrilled to share the Chambers and Partners Child Relocation 2023 guide. Kathleen Egan and Aaron Bundy authored three pieces of this terrific resource: the Law and Practice articles for Oklahoma and Arkansas, and the Trends and Developments article for Oklahoma.

The Child Relocation 2023 guide features 19 jurisdictions. The guide provides the latest legal information on whose consent is required for child relocation, the possibility of relocation without full consent, applications to state authorities for permission to relocate, relocation within a jurisdiction, the steps taken to return abducted children, and the role of the Hague convention. The guide also covers parental responsibility, particularly as it applies to birth and non-genetic parents, the relevance of marriage, and the treatment of same-sex relationships in this area.

Chambers Global Practice Guides provide expert legal commentary on specific practice areas in key jurisdictions worldwide. The guides focus on practical legal issues and enable the reader to compare legislation and procedure across a number of jurisdictions.

The individual contributors who write the ‘Law and Practice’ and ‘Trends & Developments’ sections are selected based on their rankings in the relevant Chambers Guides as the best in their fields. It is an honor for our firm to be included in the creation of this guide.

Law and Practice, Oklahoma:

Law and Practice ,Arkansas:

Trends and Developments, Oklahoma:

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