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  • Plea Bargains It is a myth that only guilty people plead guilty to avoid trial. Our system incentivizes guilty pleas from the innocent as well.
  • You Are Being Watched If you are involved in a lawsuit, you should behave as if you are being observed at all times, because it is likely that you are being watched and tracked.
  • Three Victories in One Week September, 2021 began with three major legal victories, including a switch in child custody, a criminal gun charge dismissal, and another appellate reversal
  • Criminal Joint Liability and Responsibility in Oklahoma When two or more people are involved in a crime, there are several ways that one person may be charged with the criminal acts of someone else
  • The Unfairness of Emergencies It is improper for only one side to a lawsuit to meet with the judge. There are some exceptions, but even the exceptions carry great risk of unfairness
  • Stay Focused The most important parts of any case are the parts that the judge will care about and that the judge can do something about
  • Researching Lawyers for A Family Member Choosing a lawyer is a difficult decision. There is much conflicting information. With careful research, you can find a lawyer who is a good fit for you.
  • Risky Business The "trial penalty" and other critiques of the plea bargain system are back in the news in a big way, from all the President's men to 'Full House'