Adoptions Without Consent 

When you need to protect your relationship with your child, a skilled family law trial firm is a valuable ally.

Sometimes the relationship between a parent and child can become disconnected. This can be the result of a parent going through life challenges, such as substance abuse issues, a breakdown in a long-distance parenting relationship, or can even be the result of a difficult co-parenting relationship with the child’s other parent. Unfortunately, sometimes the relationship can be damaged by one parent through an active effort to alienate the child.

Whatever the reason, a damaged relationship can cause emotional damage to both the parent and the child, and in some cases, can even lead to legal actions to remove that parent from the child’s life in a permanent way. Similar to an action to terminate parental rights, a request by someone to adopt a child without a parent’s consent asks a court to end the parent’s legal relationship with his or her child and clears the way for someone else to step into that role. 

The case can be filed by one parent who wishes for their new spouse, a stepparent, to adopt. Or, if the child is living with others, such as in a guardianship situation, they may ask to adopt the child. Either way, a parent who loses an adoption without consent case loses his or her right to parent the child, make decisions for the child, and even visit or communicate with the child.

If you have been served with papers by someone who is trying to adopt your child without your permission or consent, you’re may feeling panicked and not sure what your next step should be. This is where an experienced team of family lawyers are essential members of your team. Adoptions without consent, by their nature, tend to lead to trials, where the story you tell and the evidence you present will make the difference in whether you can still parent your child.

At the Law Office of Aaron Bundy, we are a team of family lawyers trained and experienced in taking cases to trial. We work with you to develop a theme and a story for your case that we help you present to the court. 

If you are facing an adoption without consent, don’t feel alone. Schedule a consult by calling our office and let us start working to tell your story and protect your most valuable relationship.