Agreed Divorce: Different People, Different Legal Needs

Every divorce, like every couple, is unique.

Some divorce cases are extremely complicated, including a variety of issues from custody disputes to the division of complex assets, such as a family business. Many cases are complicated further by parties who are not able to work together towards an agreement.

Just as many divorce cases are much, much simpler. While these cases may involve the same issues such as custody of children and division of assets, the parties have already decided on how they want their separation and divorce to look and are eager to move on to the next chapter of their lives.

This is where the right law firm can be a valuable ally and partner. Even when the parties agree on where they want to end up, without the right knowledge of the law and process, it can be difficult to reach that goal without spending time, money, and frustration. A good family law attorney knows how to help the parties reach their goal while protecting their rights and satisfying all the legal requirements, all while making the process as streamlined and painless as possible.

More Choice for Clients in Choosing Legal Services

Recent changes in Oklahoma law on providing legal services allows experienced family law attorneys to offer limited scope services without the need for the large retainer that is often required in a complicated or heavily disputed case. This means that you have a choice when you hire an attorney. You can choose to hire an attorney to draft the forms you need to represent yourself, or you can hire an attorney to represent you fully in every aspect of the case. Regardless of what your legal needs may be, the Law Office of Aaron Bundy can help you meet them.

Forms Preparation Package

At the Law Office of Aaron Bundy, we have the legal experience and training to help you reach your goals with a minimum of time and expense. Our attorneys meet with you to discuss your case and your goals, help you ensure you have all the information necessary to make a sound plan, and then draft the documents you will need to file your action in court and finish the case with no further costs.

Flat Fee Options

We offer low-cost, one-time fees for divorce and custody cases that are completely agreed.

Our Difference is Knowledge, Experience, and Training

Unlike online or storefront forms preparation services, we are attorneys licensed to practice in all Oklahoma courts and have years of experience in family law. We stand behind the forms we prepare for you and if you decide you need more help or even full representation, we are ready to jump into your case at any stage using the information we already gathered from our meetings with you. We can save you time and ultimately money by avoiding mistakes made by services that use out-of-state lawyers or paralegals.

We Can Help You Meet Your Goals

When going through a divorce, many people simply want to reach the other side. At the Law Office of Aaron Bundy, we work with you as a partner to help you reach your goal while knowing you received the benefit of the advice that years of Oklahoma family law experience can give you. If you are interested in working with us to draft your divorce forms, call (918) 208-0129 to set up a consultation, or complete our short online form on this page and someone from the firm will promptly contact you.