Strong Advocacy Through Your Appeal

Family law cases are complex matters. Every divorce and custody case is both factually and legally unique. Oklahoma family lawyers must be familiar with the constitutions of the United States and Oklahoma, the divorce statutes in Title 43, adoption and paternity statutes in Title 10, contracts in Title 15, civil procedure in Title 12, the children and juvenile statutes in Title 10A, property in Title 60, the mental health statutes in Title 43A, and the guardianship statutes in Title 30. Family lawyers must be familiar with case law where appellate courts have reviewed and interpreted the statutes and the decisions of trial courts. Additionally, family lawyers must know local court rules and state and federal rules and regulations related to matters such as taxes, insurance, retirement accounts, support, alimony, protective orders, and mental health records.

Sometimes there are conflicts between statutes in different titles. Sometimes there are conflicts between statutes and case law. Sometimes there are conflicts between state law and federal law. Sometimes issues arise in trial that no one has ever thought of or anticipated. Unfortunately, sometimes trial judges get it wrong.

In those circumstances, an appeal to a higher court for review of the trial court’s decision may be appropriate. Appellate practice is very specialized and very different from trial practice. Appeals are governed by a complicated set of laws, rules and forms. Attorneys Amy Page, Kathleen Egan and Aaron Bundy all have significant appellate experience. The Oklahoma legal community recognizes the family law attorneys at the Law Office of Aaron D. Bundy for their thorough knowledge of state and federal law as it relates to family law cases and for their strong research and writing skills. The Law Office of Aaron D. Bundy is uniquely equipped for appellate work.

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