Detailed Business And Asset Valuation

Whether one spouse owned a business interest before the marriage that increased in value over time, or whether a business venture was started during the marriage, valuation and division of the marital value are important components of fair property division in a divorce. Valuation of private, family-owned businesses is a highly-specialized field. Our attorneys have unique education and training specifically for business and asset valuation and division. The purpose for our aggressive business valuation training is to be able to give our clients the best advice and representation and maximize their results in either settlement or trial. In all cases involving a dispute about the value of a family-owned business, the services of an attorney with valuation-specific knowledge and experts who can assist with accurate valuation will be necessary.

The trial lawyers at the Law Office of Aaron D. Bundy have an extensive internal library and regularly attend classes across the United States alongside accountants and valuators. We have strong working relationships with local and national experts who work exclusively on valuation of family-owned businesses. If you are involved in a matter concerning a dispute about the value of a privately-owned business, we can assist you with protecting your property interests. Call us at 918-921-5079, or contact us online.