Fee agreement

We offer several types of fee arrangements for our services, depending on a number of factors:

Flat fees

We offer flat-fee arrangements for uncontested, agreed family law cases. For a single fee, we provide paperwork, compliance with local and state rules, and guidance through the process, including assistance with filing and processing final documents.

We also offer a flat fee for criminal defense matters.

We do not offer flat fees for contested family law matters. If you are not sure that your family law case is uncontested, then we cannot offer you a flat-fee option.

Hourly billing

Most of our work is done on an hourly-billing basis. Our hourly fee agreements are called "Evergreen" retainers, which means that the client agrees to pay and maintain a pre-determined amount with us throughout the course of our representation. We work on both uncontested and contested family law, civil, and criminal defense matters by billing for our time. You can read more about that billing process here: How we bill

Contingency fees

We offer contingency fee services in select civil justice cases wherein we are engaged to represent the plaintiff. In a contingency fee arrangement, our fee is a pre-determined percentage of the total recovery awarded to the client. If there is no recovery, there is no fee owed to us. 


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