Signing order

To finalize your case, the court order will have to be created by one of the attorneys. Whether your case is resolved through a private settlement or at a trial, the attorneys are responsible for preparing the paperwork rather than the mediator or the judge. 

This is a problem in most cases, because attorneys are both busy and great procrastinators. Divorce decrees and other orders have complex elements and require close attention to detail. For many lawyers, it is easier to put off drafting the papers and work on other projects, and many times they will be granted a pass by the judge for many weeks. For cases resolved by agreement, delay can impact the deal as people start to re-think and second-guess the terms of their agreement over time. Settlements often fall apart for no other reason than the attorneys taking too long to type the court order. 

We solved this problem. In 2021, we acquired powerful technology that includes sophisticated, fast document generation. We can generate final documents so quickly that we prepare the final court orders at your mediation session rather than weeks afterward. Our clients have an advantage in negotiation because we are able to capture agreements on-site and make the terms binding on both parties. 

Every case is different, and many decrees and final orders contain provisions unique to the specific matter. Even so, our document-generation software allows us to create the standard parts of your documents speedily and easily add the custom terms and language necessary for your case.