Your choice of attorney after a serious injury is a critical decision. There are hundreds of attorneys with billboards and television advertisements that are silly or have a cute jingle -- beware. You should choose a trial lawyer who other attorneys know will try a case well, without fear or reservation, and who will not be intimidated by the dirty, sleazy tricks played by insurance defense attorneys. A trial lawyer will not look for a quick settlement because of this truth: an insurance company will only make an early offer if they know that they are actually exposed to many multiples more in liablity. They make small offers early hoping to entice catastrophic injury victims into accepting pennies on the dollar instead of full compensation. 

After a catastrophic injury, you need a lawyer as soon as possible. Insurance companies know that the more time that passes between their insured's negligence and when you get a lawyer, the weaker your claim gets. A qualified trial lawyer can advise you concerning treatment and next steps to set you up for full compensation.  

Each of us has jury trial experience. Even more importantly, we are devoted to honing our skills and doing our best for each client in each case to obtain maximum positive results. We know every client by name, and our job is to learn your story and how your injury has impacted your life and your family's experience. Use the Contact Us option to get in touch with us and learn what makes us different from other attorneys.