We provide the highest level of advocacy and the strongest defense possible for our clients who are investigated or charged with a crime stemming from a relationship. We live and breathe trial, and we spend a large part of each week on our feet in front of judges and juries in courtrooms across Oklahoma. High-conflict family law cases frequently involve accusations and allegations of criminal activity that overflows and crosses over into protective order courts, juvenile deprived courts, and criminal courts. Each case has so much at stake that we commit to bring the necessary skill level and knowledge necessary to vigorously defend against false and exaggerated claims and to obtain the best result possible. Many family law attorneys do not fully appreciate the severe, lifelong consequences associated with the complaints made by bitter, vindictive spouses, and of the family law attorneys who recognize the seriousness of high-conflict cases, many of those are unwilling or unable to protect their clients once the case spills over into a criminal investigation. Those family law attorneys call us. Criminal defense attorneys call us when a case has a significant family law component that is running parallel to a criminal charge. We are not afraid of these cases, and we are happy to work with another family law attorney or a criminal defense attorney to provide the client with complete advice and representation for the situation. If you are contacted by a DHS investigator or a law enforcement officer, tell them you want to talk to a lawyer first, then contact us. Our criminal defense work includes allegations of:

  • rape and sexual assault
  • domestic assault & battery
  • protective order violations
  • child abuse and neglect