No matter the circumstances, a common statement by clients is, "I don't know what to do. I've never needed an attorney before." Because we practice family law, criminal defense and serious injuries, many people come to us for the first time in a state of extreme crisis. By definition, a crisis is a time of intense difficulty, trouble and danger. 

A crisis point can come in many forms. Sometimes it is the tipping point after months or years of escalating abuse. Other times, it involves learning information that was previously unknown or unavailable. An accusation of criminal behavior is often a life-changing crisis, even when the accusation is false, and even if no criminal charges are even filed.

Delay Can Permanently Impact Your Rights

Time moves differently for lawyers than for non-lawyers. A non-lawyer may think that 70 days, or just over 2 months, is a long time. However, for a lawyer, the 70 days between arraignment and trial in a federal criminal case is a very, very short setting with little time or opportunity for either preparation or delay. Other types of cases, such as family law cases or state criminal cases, can take months or even years, but those months require constant proactive work and assessment by everyone involved in the case. 

Our Oklahoma Crisis Management Team

Our law firm is built to handle critical matters with urgency. Our attorneys are steeped in cutting edge training to manage high-conflict, fast-moving and quickly-evolving crises. We have special skills to help clients in situations where facts and circumstances are developing and changing in real time. 

Our internal systems have been custom-tailored to eliminate elements that traditionally slow down legal representation. We have a written, scalable model for how we handle cases. In litigation, this means taking proactive steps to accomplish tasks before deadlines while constantly getting ready for trial. Where legal process has not begun, we work to investigate, prepare, and when possible, intervene to prevent public accusations.