Relationship betrayal costs a terrible price. Our work centers around special duties owed between trusting partners. Every case brings its own unique complexities and needs. Family law requires us to have extensive knowledge and skill to recognize and capably handle a variety of issues. We constantly train and work with experts from multiple fields, including plaintiff's attorneys, criminal defense attorneys, psychologists and business valuators. As a result, we have unique blend of skills and experience that allows us to add value in cases involving violations of safety rules and contract cases. We are specially equipped to deal with the difficult, high-conflict personalities that betray trust and break agreements. Other attorneys privately consult with us to help them strategize and prepare for discovery and trial. We co-counsel and intervene in high-conflict matters with difficult, unreasonable narcissists and abusers to take those cases out of the slog of litigation and into trial so the client can obtain justice. Our civil justice work includes cases involving:

  • caregiver neglect and malpractice
  • business partnership and contractor disputes
  • trade secrets and confidentiality agreements
  • physical violence and abuse, including stalking and harassment
  • commercial contracts