There are a number of circumstances where an individual or a couple might consider artificial reproduction and surrogacy, including:

  • Health issues
  • Infertility
  • Same-sex relationships
  • A single person desiring a child

Oklahoma law encourages gestational agreements for surrogacy under certain circumstances. Oklahoma's "Gestational Agreement Act" sets out specific requirements for surrogacy contracts. If a surrogacy contract meets all of the legal requirements, a child born as a result of assisted reproduction pursuant to the contract will be determined by a court to be a child of the intended parents in all respects just as if the child was a naturally conceived child of the parents, and a donor will have no rights or obligations to the child. It is critical that the gestational agreement fully comply with Oklahoma's statutes as well as fully set out the obligations and expectations for each party to the agreement. 

Because our work centers on family law and drafting agreements, court orders, and litigating the enforcement of agreements and orders, we are especially equipped to represent parents or donors who wish to participate in a surrogacy arrangement.