Oklahoma Protective Orders Can Lead to Criminal Charges

Many times when a spouse or partner decides that their marriage or relationship is over, they will initiate legal action in Oklahoma by filing a protective order to obtain an advantage or even just to get some space and distance between themselves and their significant other. Virtually every divorce and criminal defense lawyer has to deal with a protective order on a weekly basis. 

In Oklahoma, protective orders are so easy to get that sometimes people forget to take them seriously, but protective orders are very serious and can have life-changing consequences. If someone files a protective order against you, then by definition they are accusing you of domestic violence, rape, stalking, or harassment. A request for a protective order is an accusation of criminal behavior. Protective orders impact parental rights to custody and visitation, and in many cases protective orders can cause people to lose their jobs. 

Another potential consequence of protective orders is a criminal charge. If someone has filed a protective order against you, they have accused you of criminal behavior. So, if you have a protective order against you, even if it is false, you may be investigated for the false accusation. Additionally, if someone has obtained a protective order against you, it is a crime for you to violate the protective order, even if the reason for the protective order was false. 

A single, first offense violation of a protective order carries up to a year in jail. A second offense violation of a protective order is felony. Like domestic assault and battery, a violation of protective order carries with it a requirement that the defendant attend a batterers' intervention program of 52 weeks. 

Our Experienced Attorneys Defend Protective Orders Throughout Oklahoma

Protective orders are a common occurrence in family law cases. Many divorce or family law attorneys are afraid of criminal court and will not help their clients who are charged with crimes. We frequently deal with protective orders in Tulsa County, Osage County, Pawnee County, Creek County, Okmulgee County, Muskogee County, Wagoner County, Rogers County, Mayes County, and other Oklahoma counties. We are members of the Oklahoma Criminal Defense Lawyers Association and the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. We represent our clients in all aspects of accusations against them, including juvenile deprived cases, criminal defense, protective orders, divorce and child custody cases, and civil cases. If you are accused of domestic violence or violation of a protective order, do not say anything other than, "I need to talk to my lawyer," and call us.