Wealth management and protection involves a number of possible strategies. How property is held, whether in a trust, in joint tenancy, or in a limited liability entity, can impact the ability of third parties to make a claim or collection effort against the property. Sophisticated estate planning, including prenuptial agreements, can also be part of an asset protection plan. When litigation is imminent or underway, it is important to have a trial lawyer with both experience and education to assess, advise and advocate for the appropriate course of action. 

Effective enforcement and collection action is another component of asset protection. If you are the beneficiary of property division or the recipient of court-ordered support, you need certainty that you will receive the full benefit of the award. 

Family loans are common transactions between family members. Many times, the loans are made without a written agreement, making the loan much riskier than need be. A well-structured, written intra-family loan can minimize many risks while preserving the benefits of the loan.