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From our offices in the Midwest, our attorneys have assisted individuals from all over the world

International Legal Representation

In today’s globalized economy, cross-border disputes are becoming increasingly common. Hiring a lawyer who is experienced with jurisdictional matters can provide numerous benefits, from ensuring compliance with local laws to effectively communicating with parties from different backgrounds. Foreign residents with legal issues in Oklahoma, Missouri, or Arkansas need responsive legal counsel with experience working with international clients and their advisors who are available and willing to communicate across time zones.

Cultural differences can be a significant barrier when doing business in different countries. Different cultures have different values and norms, and it is essential to understand these differences to communicate effectively with foreign parties. Our firm can help you navigate these cultural differences and ensure your interests are communicated effectively.

International Child Abduction Remedies Act

The Hague Abduction Convention is a treaty between many countries to ensure the return of children wrongfully removed from their home country. We have intervened and assisted parents from other countries with the return of their minor children to their nation of origin in both Hague Abduction cases and divorce and child custody disputes having an international dimension.

Danya and Aaron Bundy are members of the Attorney Network, which is managed by the U.S. State Department’s Office of Children’s Issues to represent parents in Hague Abduction Convention proceedings.

Practical Experience

The law in Hague Abduction cases is well-developed thanks to comprehensive federal statutes and many state and federal appellate decisions. Our experience matters for the practical parts of these cases that the law does not address. Based on what we have learned from trying these cases from start to finish, we developed a special process for child abduction cases to help us move quickly and anticipate the next stages of the case. Our attorneys can advise clients and troubleshoot travel logistics and issues to anticipate that lawyers with less experience may not be aware of.

Qualified Counsel

Each attorney at Bundy Law is experienced in international work, including litigating disputes about assets within and outside the United States, advocating in cross-border child custody matters, and communicating with clients and their advisors in various jurisdictions. Even before the pandemic, we used Zoom and Skype to advise clients and work for them on interstate and international cases.

Danya Bundy speaks both German and Arabic. Due to her linguistic abilities and her subject matter expertise in parental rights with international components, she is frequently consulted by German and Arabic speakers for insight into their legal options in the Midwest. Danya has represented foreign nationals in child custody and parental rights cases, property litigation, and criminal investigations.

Aaron Bundy is a fellow of the International Academy of Family Lawyers. The IAFL is a worldwide network of practicing lawyers recognized as the most experienced and skilled family law specialists in their respective countries. He is the only IAFL fellow in Oklahoma or Arkansas. Aaron has represented parents and advised attorneys across the globe, including the United Kingdom, Turkey, Australia, and South America. He represents U.S. citizens who reside outside the U.S. and foreign nationals with legal interests in our jurisdictions. We have obtained successful outcomes for non-U.S. citizens in property rights and child custody cases.

Bundy Law has the training, experience, and resources necessary for handling matters with international elements. We can provide strategic advice, knowledge of local legal systems, and the ability to navigate cultural differences. If you are facing a legal dispute with multi-jurisdictional elements, don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your situation.