Our law firm has meaningful appellate experience and a reputation for success. Attorneys Aaron Bundy and Kathleen Egan have each made oral argument at the Oklahoma Supreme Court. Collectively, our attorneys have represented clients on appeal in adoptions, juvenile deprived, divorce, custody, child support, alimony and property division cases, and civil plaintiff's cases, and we have obtained special relief for clients from the Oklahoma Supreme Court in original jurisdiction proceedings.

We offer consultation and co-counsel services for appellate advocacy. In many cases, we match the hourly rate of the referring attorney to provide fee consistency to the client.

If you are handling a case with issues which may require appellate review, you can bring us in at no risk to assist with strategy for dealing with the legal and evidentiary issues at trial and properly preserving the issues for appeal.

Our referral relationships are a priority for us. We routinely handle appellate matters for attorneys who do not practice beyond the trial court level. We work collaboratively with the referring attorney and promote the relationship between the referring attorney and the client, rather than poach clients or interfere with the referring attorney's relationship with the client. Professional references are available on request.

Our attorneys are recognized statewide for case preparation and strategy, including identification of evidentiary issues and setting up evidence for admission. Our issue-spotting skills are a direct result of trial and appellate experience, cross-training in multiple areas of law, and our in-house system for collaborative work. Our combined experience and bar admissions qualify us for handling appellate matters in Oklahoma and in New York.