family law mediation

Oklahoma courts require mediation before trial in virtually all divorce and family law disputes. Mediation is one of the most important parts of the pretrial litigation process. It is often the best opportunity for people to resolve their differences privately and by agreement. 

Our Mediator

Kathleen Egan is a qualified mediator, with special, extensive training for mediation services from the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers. A fellow of the Academy, Katie has handled complex matrimonial matters as an advocate at trial and on appeal. She is experienced and adept at working through the many issues that can arise in family law cases. Our office has a proprietary system developed to accommodate the needs of family law litigants and their attorneys who seek assistance from an accomplished, proficient attorney serving as a neutral mediator. 

Mediating with Bundy Law Office

Anyone involved in a family law dispute may contact our office for information about Katie's mediation services. Typically, a request to mediate will come from one of the attorneys, but individuals not represented by counsel may also ask to schedule mediation. Katie charges by the hour for mediation sessions. Generally, the cost of mediation is split equally between the parties. For example, for an $800 session, each side would pay $400. However, the parties are free to reach alternative agreements between themselves for payment of the fee. 

Our office used Zoom and other videoconferencing services even before the pandemic. Parties scheduling mediation are free to indicate whether they prefer to mediate in-person or via Zoom or another online application. If you choose to mediate in person in our office, we offer comfortable accommodations, including free guest wi-fi, and a variety of beverages and soft drinks.

The mediation information request form may be completed here