Trial Preparation

We offer attorneys and law firms confidential, private consultation services for discovery, litigation, and trial strategy. We offer testimony preparation services for litigants and expert witnesses. 

Discovery & Litigation Strategy

Aaron Bundy and Kathleen Egan have written and taught statewide about discovery responsibility and behavior. Our discovery and litigation consultation services include:

  • Crafting written discovery to obtain necessary information and to lay groundwork for admission of evidence
  • Preparing to depose difficult, uncooperative and deceptive witnesses and dealing with their obstructive attorneys
  • Identifying and planning for admission of or opposition to unique or controversial evidence, including hearsay issues

Trial Strategy

Contact us to set up a confidential session to prepare for trial, including:

  • Theory and theme. What is your client's story?
  • Identifying your most essential evidence and witnesses, and simplifying your case
  • Creating a request for relief
  • Work on opening statement and closing argument

Witness Preparation

Our attorneys have specialized training for witness examination, including cross-examination and questioning child witnesses. Our witness preparation consultation services include:

  • Preparing the client for deposition
  • Anticipating and addressing privilege issues, including self-incrimination
  • Mock direct and cross-examination

Why Us

Discovery and witness preparation are some of the many topics not addressed in law school or in post-law school continuing legal education. As a result, a large part of discovery and litigation behavior is a result of urban legend, Hollywood fiction, and mimicry of others, creating a self-perpetuating system of error. Through our work dealing with narcissistic, deceptive litigants and obstructive attorneys in high-conflict matters, we recognized the need for advanced training for these issues. Our attorneys have specialized training for depositions, witness examination and courtroom presentation from the world's foremost attorneys and psychologists. We bring psychologists and consultants in-house to work on presentation of our cases, and we have an extensive library of reference materials for discovery, evidence and witness preparation. Our background and commitment to confronting these issues give us unique insight and expertise for case and witness preparation. We have privately assisted attorneys, counselors and other professionals with all of these issues.

Prior to a consultation, we require identification of all litigants, counsel and the anticipated tribunal so we can run a complete conflict check.