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Texas Becomes the Most Recent State to Require Disclosure and Production of Evidence Early in a Lawsuit

On Behalf of | Oct 27, 2020 | Child Custody, Divorce

The Daily Mail reports that Angelina Jolie has fired another custody lawyer in her four year child custody saga against Brad Pitt. As we’ve previously seen, the Daily Mail is all over this. Angelina appears to be determined to drag out their custody case. Brad Pitt has proposed joint custody, but Angelina just. can’t. stop.

What should Brad do? What do you do when you are reasonable and want to move on with your life, but your ex keeps stirring things up?

There are three things we can learn from Brad for when an ex goes rogue and is unreasonable:

  1. Establish reasonable goals. Brad Pitt wants joint custody, and he believes that’s what’s best for their kids. He has said that from Day One. He has worked to position himself as a candidate for joint custody, acknowledging his past problems with alcohol and taking action to deal with those problems and show the judge he is a fit parent.
  2. Trust the process. Virtually every divorce and child custody case is required to go through mediation before trial. Angelina has already backed out of at least one agreement. She recently tried to have their arbitrator fired when the case got close to being final. And now she’s shaking up her legal team. Again. As the opposing party, Brad Pitt has to realize that there is a process for his case with a rogue element that no one can completely control: his ex. He has tried to resolve the case outside of trial, but it takes two to reach an agreement.
  3. Buckle up and hold on. Brad is getting ready for trial. He may not believe that a trial is necessary, but he is still preparing and not taking anything for granted. Even though Angelina may be prolonging things, over four years later Brad Pitt is still represented by the same attorney and he is still taking the same position that he and Angelina should share joint custody of their kids. Brad’s legal strategy appears to have consistency, unlike Angelina’s.

Having a trial lawyer doesn’t mean that your case is going to go to trial. It means that you have a lawyer who will help you position the case for the best outcome possible in settlement or in trial. The alternative is praying for settlement with someone who doesn’t really try cases then having to make a major shift, possibly even a change in attorneys, if the other side will not compromise.

Our attorneys are trial lawyers. We are in court examining witnesses and presenting evidence every week. When we aren’t in court, we are working on our cases, preparing them for mediation and trial, and in some cases writing appellate briefs. The Law Office of Aaron D. Bundy, PLC, can handle your family law case from start to finish.