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Our Philosophy

Aaron Bundy is the founder and principal of Bundy Law. He is an experienced and highly respected lawyer — a former President of the Oklahoma chapter of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, and a current member of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers’ Board of Governors.

Aaron began practicing law in 2006. After his first few cases, he realized a few things:

  • His law school professors had no idea what they were talking about
  • The practice of law often defies common sense and is not intuitive
  • His peers and competitors were all doing things the same way simply because that’s the way everyone else did it — a circular, self-perpetuating system of error

So he took action. First, Aaron dove headfirst into training, searching for what law school didn’t provide. He went to the eight-day National Family Law Trial Institute in Houston. He went to a Trial Lawyers College seminar in Seattle and, after that, every jury selection and sex crime defense program that the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers hosted. He completed all available financial education classes for lawyers, including the Advanced Business Valuation seminar in Houston and a year-long Certified Financial Planner® certificate course at Southern Methodist University. These are just examples. Aaron has attended every significant trial advocacy and financial education program available in the past decade, even during the pandemic.

At the same time, he found and read the leading books on decision-making, business development, and best practices for advisors and service providers, including “Thinking in Bets,” “Thinking Fast and Slow,” and the Ritz Carlton Hotel’s “Gold Standards” for customer service. He acquired and read every book available for attorneys about dealing successfully with obstructionists and knuckleheads who refused to cooperate just to be difficult and run up a big fee in litigation. Over the course of a decade, Aaron built a comprehensive private library of materials covering finance, wealth management, cutting-edge psychological research on human decision-making, and advanced business concepts.

As a result, Aaron is recognized and ranked by the world’s most exclusive, prestigious guides for people who need lawyers. He is:

  • Board-certified for family law trials by the National Board of Trial Advocacy
  • A fellow of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers
  • The only fellow of the International Academy of Family Lawyers in either Oklahoma or Arkansas
  • Listed in Best Lawyers in America
  • Ranked in Chambers Family/Matrimonial: High Net Worth directory for clients in the Private Wealth space
  • Featured in Spear’s Family Lawyers index listing the top providers of legal services to Ultra High Net Worth individuals

No other attorney has all of these credentials. More importantly, due to his unique mix of trial experience, advanced training, and willingness to get creative and think outside the box, Aaron offers his clients case assessment, strategic advice, and preparation that no other attorney can match.

With an active practice in Arkansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma, Aaron is a member of organizations that add value to his practice and, ultimately, to his clients. He is actively involved with the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, Trial Lawyers University, and the American Bar Association.

His clients include other attorneys, mental health professionals, physicians, and high-net-worth and ultra-high-net-worth individuals who are facing an attack on their income and assets through a high-conflict legal dispute with imminent trial testimony.

Differentiating Factors

Although many lawyers obtain their initial courtroom experience working on criminal matters either as a prosecutor or public defender, for family lawyers, their exposure to high-stakes trials often ends there, in the early stages of their career. Many divorce and matrimonial attorneys have never entered a criminal courtroom or tried a jury trial.

We recognized the value of maintaining sharp advocacy skills on a level that other family law attorneys never contemplate. We try cases. We try jury trials. We relentlessly train for both bench and jury trials at family law and non-family law organizations. We eat, sleep, and breathe trial. Our commitment to professional development, leadership, and being trial-ready separates our attorneys from our peers in the midwestern U.S. When we are not in trial, we may be found in an advanced trial skills program at Trial Lawyers University or The Society for Women Trial Lawyers. In our private library, we have every book by Nick Rowley, Sari De La Motte, Roger Dodd, and Rick Friedman. We have all of Trial Guides’ books about deposition and trial, and we have read them all. 

As a result, we speak with an elevated level of discourse concerning trial-related matters. The strategy, advice, and advocacy we offer are unlike those offered by conventional family lawyers. We help our clients navigate the realities and risks of our opaque, counterintuitive, and underfunded judicial system. When private resolution is an option, we guide our clients through the negotiation, mediation, and settlement processes. When trial is necessary, we offer courtroom representation that is second to none. Our trial lawyers are recognized by judges and colleagues as superbly prepared, polished, and highly persuasive.

Things You Need to Know That No One Else Will Tell You

If you are involved in litigation, you are dealing with human beings in their most primal state. Your opposing party has the most selfish, destructive mindset you can imagine, and you are their target. They want to take your liberty and your property for their own gain. Our court system is designed to encourage people to exaggerate and leave out important facts, so, paradoxically, even though the other side may be making false claims, your judge will be skeptical of anything that you say. You cannot take anything for granted. If you catch yourself thinking, “They would never do that,” you are about to lose big. They will do it.

You need a lawyer, and you need a lawyer yesterday. But there are hundreds of thousands of lawyers. They all have the same law school degree and license, and they all need clients. They are incentivized to tell you what you want to hear so that you’ll hire them. And almost none of them will acknowledge to themselves or to you what they know deep down to be true: law school did absolutely nothing to prepare them for the word games, logical fallacies, cognitive shortcuts, and outright lies that people tell every day, under oath, while looking you right square in the eyeballs and daring you to challenge them, daring you to try to expose the truth.

You need a lawyer who won’t back down from anyone or anything, who knows how to expose their attorney when they lie about the evidence and how the case is being litigated, how to cross-examine the opposing party and use their own words and actions to prove that they are a hypocrite, and how to get you results, in negotiation or at trial, and even when to tell you that everyone else got it wrong and that you should consider an appeal.

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