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Our Philosophy

Our trial team

Next-Generation Trial Lawyers

Although some lawyers obtain their initial courtroom experience working on criminal matters either as a prosecutor or public defender, for family lawyers, their exposure to high-stakes trials often ends there, in the early stages of their career. Many divorce and matrimonial attorneys have never even entered a criminal courtroom or tried a jury trial.

We recognize the value of maintaining sharp advocacy skills on a level that other family law attorneys never contemplate. We try cases. We try jury trials. We relentlessly train for both bench and jury trials at family law and non-family law organizations. We eat, sleep, and breathe trial. Our commitment to professional development, leadership, and being trial-ready separates our attorneys from our peers in the midwestern U.S. When we are not in trial, we may be found in an advanced trial skills program at Trial Lawyers University or The Society for Women Trial Lawyers. In our private library, we have every book by Nick Rowley, Sari De La Motte, Roger Dodd, and Rick Friedman. We have all of Trial Guides’ books about deposition and trial, and we have read them all. 

As a result, we speak with an elevated level of discourse concerning trial-related matters. The strategy, advice, and advocacy we offer are unlike those offered by conventional family lawyers. We help our clients navigate the realities and risks of our opaque, counterintuitive, and underfunded judicial system. When private resolution is an option, we guide our clients through the negotiation, mediation, and settlement processes. When trial is necessary, we offer courtroom representation that is second to none.


Our lawyers are all cross-licensed to practice in Oklahoma and Arkansas. Aaron Bundy is licensed in Missouri, and the other attorneys have reciprocity applications pending there. No other firm offers its clients a team of trial lawyers who are proficient and actively practice in a range of three midwestern states. Each attorney is licensed to practice in corresponding federal district courts and courts of appeal. 

We work in Oklahoma, Missouri, and Arkansas


As Aaron and Kathleen Egan are fellows of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers and Aaron is also a fellow of the International Academy of Family Lawyers, we have access to a broad network of the top family law practitioners in the world. Lawyers from other states routinely ask us to assist them with discovery under the Uniform Interstate Depositions and Discovery Act. We work with lawyers from other states with one-off jurisdictional disputes and matters collateral to their primary case located in another state or country. Our cross-licensures have benefited referring lawyers and their clients across the United States.

Our mission is to demystify the legal process that is too often obscured by legal professionals. In 2021, we implemented Litify, a comprehensive case-management system that prioritizes client communication. Our clients and attorney counterparts are able to reach us by phone, email, and by texting our office number. During onboarding and throughout our representation, every client receives easy-to-read, comprehensible education about their legal matter through our blogs, informative emails, and Hona, an enhanced case status update portal that keeps clients informed and updated. Other lawyers refer their clients to our website for insight into discovery, evidence, and preparing to testify.


Our competitors marvel at our ability to quickly draft sleek legal documents and quickly act in situations that would take them days or weeks, crippling their ability to work effectively or accurately. Using Litify’s corresponding document-generation component, Docrio, we added numerous civil procedure templates from Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Missouri, and we continue to create forms every time we encounter a recurring document. As a result, we generate and manage volumes of accurate paperwork in a fraction of the time it takes conventional lawyers, allowing us to focus on client face time and preparation for mediation and trial.

Our results-oriented trial lawyers are superbly prepared, polished, and highly persuasive. The reputations of our trial lawyers are reflected in extraordinary recognition and awards from the legal industry’s most prestigious organizations, including:

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