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Oklahoma and Arkansas Business Dispute Attorneys

Business Partnership Disputes

If you subtract the time that you spend asleep, you may be surprised to learn that you spend as much or more time at work than you do at home. For startups and small business owners, this may be less of a surprise. Entrepreneurs spend an enormous amount of time at work with business partners, employees and contractors, and over time, they get to know each other and develop special relationships.

Business partners know intimate details about each other, as they share information about their finances, preferences and even their goals and dreams for the future. Sometimes, business relationships end when one person decides to betray that knowledge and take advantage of their partner. The fallout from partner misconduct can impact an innocent partner forever by fostering distrust in employees, vendors and customers. Bad business partners often engage in blame-shifting, trying to attribute their own misconduct to their innocent partner whom they have just betrayed.

Our civil justice system provides recourse for breaches of contract and trust by business partners, ranging from injunctions to monetary damages. Business partnership disputes require the skills of seasoned trial lawyers experienced in cross-examining hostile, misleading witnesses who wish to distract juries from what matters. Each of our attorneys spends dozens of hours each year in special training for depositions and cross-examination to obtain full compensation for clients who have been betrayed by trusted partners. We have special training for financial litigation, including business valuation issues and shareholder disputes.