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Understanding Legal versus Physical Custody

Our attorneys are here to explain the distinction between legal and physical custody, which can often be a source of confusion. At Bundy Law Office, we understand the challenges and nuances of family law. Our attorneys are steadfast allies for those dealing with the delicate matters of legal and physical custody in Oklahoma and Arkansas.

We recognize that as a discerning professional, whether you are a mother who balances a thriving career with family life or a high-achieving male executive seeking wise counsel, you require clear and effective legal guidance. Our approach is tailored to meet the unique needs of each client, ensuring that your family’s well-being is protected and your rights are upheld.

Understanding Legal And Physical Custody

Our attorneys are here to explain the distinction between legal and physical custody, which can often be a source of confusion:

  • Legal custody: Grants a parent the responsibility to direct the significant aspects of a child’s life, including choices related to the child’s education, health management, and cultural or religious upbringing.
  • Physical custody: Pertains to where your child lives and the logistics of daily care.

When responsible parents separate or divorce, crafting tailored physical and legal custody arrangements is essential. We support parents in devising and advocating for custody arrangements that align with their family dynamics and promote their children’s best interests. Recognizing that every family is unique, we work closely with our clients to develop the specifics of custody agreements.

Know the concepts and the differences between custody and visitation and how they each impact child support
Custody, time, and support

Modifications To Custody Orders

Life is ever-changing, and so too are your family’s circumstances. Whether due to relocation or other significant life alterations, we will help you pursue the modification to your custody order that your family needs.

At Bundy Law Office, our attorneys are adept at pursuing modifications to legal and physical custody orders, ensuring that your children’s needs continue to be met.

Advocacy For Your Family’s Best Interests

Knowledge is power, and we are dedicated to educating parents on how to effectively advocate for the custody arrangement they believe will best serve their families. Our lawyers are skilled in presenting a compelling case in negotiations and to the court, always with the child’s welfare as the central focus.

Our team is proficient in all child-related areas of family law within Oklahoma and Arkansas. We are committed to providing customized legal support to ensure that your children’s needs and your parental rights are well protected.

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