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Tulsa and Bentonville Adoption Attorneys

Helping Families Achieve Their Adoption Dreams

At the Bundy Law, we strive to make the adoption process as simple as possible for our clients. We will work to make sure that you know your rights and responsibilities, and that you are aware of all the costs involved. We are dedicated to making sure that you are fully informed and prepared for all possible outcomes.

We can help you with private adoptions, as well as adoptions that involve the Department of Human Services (DHS). We can also help with stepparent adoptions, relative adoptions, and grandparent adoptions.

To schedule a consultation with our Oklahoma and Arkansas adoption lawyers, call 918-771-7045  or contact us online today.

Helping Families Across All Backgrounds

We have helped many different types of families throughout the years. If you are single, married, or even military, we can help you through the adoption process. No matter what your situation is, we are here to help.

Experienced Adoption Lawyers in Tulsa, OK and Bentonville, AR

At Bundy Law, we understand that adoption is a deeply personal and emotional experience. Our dedicated team of adoption lawyers in Tulsa is here to provide the legal expertise and guidance you need throughout your adoption journey. With years of experience in handling various types of adoptions, including domestic, international, stepparent, and relative adoptions, we have the knowledge and skills necessary to handle even the most complex adoption cases.

Comprehensive Adoption Services

Adoption is a multifaceted legal process that involves various legal requirements and intricacies. Our Tulsa adoption attorneys offer a comprehensive range of adoption services tailored to meet your specific needs, ensuring a smooth and successful adoption experience. Some of our key adoption services include:

1. Adoption Consultation and Planning Our adoption lawyers will provide a thorough consultation to understand your unique circumstances and goals. We will explain the different types of adoptions available to you, discuss the legal requirements, and guide you in creating an adoption plan that suits your family’s needs.

2. Adoption Home Study Assistance The home study is a crucial part of the adoption process, involving an assessment of your home and lifestyle to ensure a safe and nurturing environment for the child. Our experienced adoption attorneys will help you navigate the home study process, ensuring that you are well-prepared and meet all the necessary requirements.

3. Birth Parent Rights and Consent Navigating the legal complexities of birth parent rights and consent can be overwhelming. Our Tulsa adoption attorneys will guide you through this sensitive process, explaining the legal rights of birth parents and assisting in obtaining necessary consents or terminating parental rights when required.

4. Adoption Finalization The finalization of an adoption involves obtaining a court order to establish the legal relationship between you and your adopted child. Our dedicated adoption lawyers will represent you in court, handling all the necessary paperwork and legal proceedings to ensure a successful adoption finalization.

5. Post-Adoption Services Even after the adoption is finalized, we continue to provide ongoing support and assistance. Our team can help with name changes, obtaining new birth certificates, and addressing any post-adoption legal matters that may arise.

Contact Our Adoption Attorneys Today

If you are considering adoption, please contact our office. We would be happy to provide you with a free consultation to discuss your options.

To schedule an appointment with our adoption lawyers, call 918-771-7045  or contact us online today.