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Oklahoma Civil Appellate Attorneys

Appellate work is a special type of advocacy. While some of the principles from trial work also apply to appeals, additional skills are required due to the unique demands of research, briefing and oral argument. Although appeals are time-sensitive, appellate work requires careful deliberation, thought and planning. Because appeals are governed by technical rules, a good appeal can be lost due to a simple rule violation that has nothing to do with the merits of the case.

The Advantage of Our Appeals Process

We use a proprietary system for appellate work, ranging from our intake process all the way to binding the brief, to ensure thoroughness and quality control. Our system incorporates software powered by artificial intelligence to ensure that each citation to the record is the most powerful option possible. While most appellate attorneys outsource different parts of the work, we acquired equipment to keep all of our appellate work in-house in order to minimize outsourcing and delay.

We offer private consultations and co-counsel relationships for other attorneys who practice primarily in trial courts.

The Benefit of our Appellate Experience

Most legal disputes settle. Most cases that go to trial are not appealed. This means fewer appellate petitions are filed than administrative and district court (trial) filings. Many lawyers have never handled an appeal at all. Appellate work is highly specialized and performed by a small group of attorneys. Few attorneys ever make an oral argument to any appellate court. An even smaller number of attorneys have sought original jurisdiction proceedings or an extraordinary writ from a higher court.

Aaron Bundy and Kathleen Egan each have that special experience. Both have made oral arguments at the Oklahoma Supreme Court and sought and obtained special relief through writs and other orders. Our firm’s library includes the appellate reference books necessary for attorneys who practice appellate law. Our colleagues refer their appeals to us because they know we have the experience and depth of resources necessary to manage the demands and timelines of appellate work.

Contact us if you wish to discuss your options for appellate review in Oklahoma.


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