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New York Family Appeals Attorneys

Aaron Bundy and Kathleen Egan are veteran family law attorneys who have been practicing law for a combined 30 years. Each of them began appellate work early in their careers: Aaron in Oklahoma, and Kathleen in New York. They began working together in 2015 and have an extraordinary success rate in family law appeals and matters of original jurisdiction. Both Aaron Bundy and Kathleen Egan are licensed to practice law in New York. As each is a Fellow of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, they have the skill, knowledge and resources necessary to successfully handle family law appeals from start to finish.

What Makes Our Appellate Work Different

The value in engaging our law office for appeal comes from our unique internal collaborative process. We have a system designed to maximize application of our knowledge and skills through both division of labor and deliberate redundancies. We apply technology powered by artificial intelligence to enhance our review of the record and the quality of the brief. Where possible, we have brought all appeal-related work in-house, so we are not waiting on a third party to complete work while a deadline approaches. Our system is designed to help us minimize human error and maximize the power of our written advocacy.