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Nobody knows what happens inside your home. Every family has their troubles, but some need more help than others.

At the Law Office of Aaron D Bundy, PLC, walking families through their difficult times is what we do best. Our attorneys help families through sensitive situations with grace, dignity and compassion throughout the process.

Different From The Rest In Oklahoma Family Law

No situation is too complex, no circumstance is too intense, for our skilled lawyers. We carefully guide families through the most difficult disputes, including:

  • Divorce. High-asset, contested and high-conflict divorce cases are handled by our team. We fight for your best interests, whether establishing fair child support arrangements, presenting a solid case for alimony and division of significant marital assets, or advocating for modifications and enforcements when needed. Click here to read about the divorce process and a basic timeline.
  • Support. The firm handles both child support and support alimony matters. Attorney Amy Page was a top DHS child support lawyer in Oklahoma and the author of Oklahoma’s child support statutes. Aaron D. Bundy has had success in child support and alimony cases, obtaining substantial alimony awards, child support for disabled children, and past-due child support. The firm has successfully defended alimony claims and modified and terminated both child support and support alimony obligations.
  • Child Custody. When parents are no longer together and need to arrange parenting time, we examine all sides of the equation to evaluate the best interests of the children involved, including cases of interstate and parental relocation conflict.
  • Emergencies. In cases of domestic violence or child abuse, we are available outside of regular business hours.

The firm navigates sensitive questions and concerns regarding prenuptial agreements, paternity questions, protective orders, child abuse and domestic assault & battery.

The attorneys at the Law Office of Aaron D. Bundy advocate for clients on appeal in cases of first impression or error by the trial court.

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