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Protecting Parenting Time: A Priority At Bundy Law Office

At Bundy Law Office, we understand that parenting time is a cornerstone of the parent-child relationship. Our team of dedicated attorneys is committed to guiding you through the complexities of family law, ensuring that your voice is heard and your rights as a parent are upheld.

With offices in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and Bentonville, Arkansas, we are well-positioned to serve the unique needs of our clients: professional high-earners and middle-aged men with the wisdom to seek quality legal counsel.

Crafting Parenting Time Schedules

We take a tailored approach to help parents design and negotiate parenting time schedules that work for their unique circumstances. Recognizing that each family has its own dynamics, our lawyers listen carefully to your needs and goals, working tirelessly to create a schedule that fosters a strong bond between you and your children while accommodating the demands of your busy life.

Fostering Parent-Child Relationships

Our firm boasts a wealth of experience in ensuring that children maintain beneficial ongoing relationships with both parents post-separation. We believe in the power of co-parenting and the importance of nurturing the bonds with children, which is why we advocate for parenting plans that support the emotional and developmental needs of your children.

Modifications And Enforcement

Life is unpredictable, and changes are inevitable. Bundy Law Office is adept at helping parents seek modifications to and enforcement of court orders regarding child custody and visitation, now more widely known as parenting time. Whether it’s a change in circumstances or the other parent’s failure to comply with an agreement, we stand ready to protect your parental rights and ensure the best interests of your children are met.

Advising Through All Stages

Whether you are an unmarried parent, contemplating divorce or already experiencing post-divorce life, our firm offers comprehensive advice on all aspects of parenting time. We understand the stakes and work to promote your best interests and your parental rights with the utmost professionalism and care.

Comprehensive Family Law Strengths

Our lawyers bring extensive experience to all aspects of family law, including issues related to custody, visitation, and co-parenting. We are committed to the welfare of your parent-child relationship, and our goal is to secure an outcome that allows you to continue building a loving, stable environment for your children.

In all child-related legal matters, trust the lawyers at Bundy Law Office to be your advocates, advisers and allies.

Start The Conversation About Parenting Time With A Trial Attorney

Are you ready to tackle the challenge of safeguarding your parenting time and ensuring your children’s future? Reach out to Bundy Law Office today.

Email or call us at 918-771-7045 to schedule a consultation. Let us be the strong legal partner you need during this time of challenge and change in your family.