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Dealing with legal issues can be frustrating. Fortunately, our team of experienced Tulsa attorneys can help you resolve matters related to family law, divorce, child custody, criminal defense, child abuse, and more.

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Additional Practice Areas

At Bundy Law Office, we focus primarily on divorce and family law. However, in serving our clients, we bring additional legal resources that you may need when facing a pending family matter or at other times. We aim to provide reliable and trusted guidance and representation when these issues arise. As a team that has been assisting individuals and families since 2006, we believe we are more than qualified to help you with a myriad of family-related legal challenges as they arise. Additionally, we bring specialized training in financial matters and have been trained in trial advocacy so that we can effectively represent you when negotiations fail.

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Tulsa Attorneys for Other Service Areas

In addition to family law, our firm can provide advice, guidance, and representation in the following areas:

  • Appeals: We provide experienced appellate counsel for family law appeals in both Oklahoma and New York.
  • Criminal defense for Oklahoma white-collar crimes.
  • Civil justice: These are civil claims and lawsuits based on any dispute between parties. 
  • Estate planning: Protect your wealth and legacy with appropriate legal instruments, such as wills, trusts, Powers of Attorney, and more.
  • Family loans
  • Enforcement of family court orders and indirect contempt.
  • International Legal Representation
  • Protective orders in cases of domestic violence.
  • Protective order violations
  • Crisis management
  • Business disputes, including partnership disputes.
  • Caregiver misconduct and neglect.
  • Injuries and damages, including catastrophic injuries in which permanent disability has occurred.
  • Oklahoma civil appeals

We also handle family law matters for clients in the state of Arkansas. 

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When any life crisis occurs that may have legal ramifications, you will likely have many questions and concerns that need to be addressed. You can turn to Bundy Law Office where our Tulsa lawyers can provide not only the legal counsel you need but the human support as well. 

We are here to help you navigate the family, civil, and criminal court systems as required. Our team can advise and prepare you for the road ahead in any case, ensuring that you understand the matter, your rights, and your options. Our dedicated representation extends from start to finish, whether the result is achieved through negotiation, mediation, or trial, as well as beyond that to post-judgment, when modifications, enforcement, or appeals may be needed. 

Ready to talk it over with an experienced Tulsa attorney? Contact Bundy Law Office today.

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