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Arkansas Civil Appellate Attorneys

A litigant who is dissatisfied with a trial court’s decision may ask the appropriate appellate court in Arkansas to review the decision by way of an appeal. An Arkansas state court appeal is initiated by filing a notice of appeal within 30 days of entry of the trial court’s judgment. All cases appealed are to be filed in the Court of Appeals, with certain specific exceptions. The Court of Appeals is technically an intermediate appellate court, but there is no right of appeal from the Court of Appeals to the Arkansas Supreme Court. This means that for most civil cases in Arkansas, the Court of Appeals is the court of last resort for a party appealing a trial court’s decision.

Appeals almost always involve a claim of legal error by the trial court. It is self-evident that anyone who wishes to appeal a trial court decision needs qualified appellate counsel. It may be less obvious that the trial court winner (prevailing party) also needs appellate counsel. Appeals involve the appellate court reviewing the record below, and new evidence is not submitted on an appeal. The non-appealing party should take care to defend the legal process and the judgment entered by the trial court. If the prevailing party does not participate in the appeal, the record may be inappropriately skewed by the appellant.

Kathleen Egan is a skilled appellate practitioner. Known for issue-spotting and persuasive, clear writing style, she has experience in all facets of appeals, including brief-writing, oral argument, and extraordinary writs. Kathleen is licensed to practice law in Oklahoma, Arkansas, and New York. She heads the Arkansas practice group that includes Aaron Bundy and Hannah Lange.


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