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Civil Justice for Injury and Betrayal

Every Human is a Part of Special Relationships involving Trust

It has been said that “no man is an island.” Throughout our lives, we enter into agreements with other people to help us and our families. We hire people to care for our children. We hire people to come onto our land and mow our lawns and even to enter our homes to help us clean. Other people spend hundreds and thousands of hours with our children to teach them. We rely on specialists to care for our bodies, from doctors and dentists to hair stylists and personal trainers. We enter into business deals with family members and with other professionals, and many of those arrangements are handshake deals or verbal agreements based on trust. We even have expectations for strangers: we expect the people who make products to make them reasonably safe for our use and consumption. All of these things and more are part of human relationships and societal expectations.

Betrayal of Trust can cause Devastating Harm

Relationship betrayal costs a terrible price. When we give someone our trust and they abuse that trust and betray us or our family, the damage can be life-altering. In many of those situations, a trial by jury is the only viable option for compensation for the harm caused by the negligence and bad acts of someone else.

What We Do

Our work centers around damages caused by the breach and betrayal of special duties owed between trusting partners. We have extensive experience dealing with damage caused by people who break their promises and violate their duties. Each of our attorneys stays on the cutting edge of courtroom trial skills. Every attorney constantly trains and works with experts from multiple fields, including plaintiff’s attorneys, criminal defense attorneys, psychologists and business valuators. As a result, our law firm has a unique blend of skills and experience that allows us to add value in cases involving violations of safety rules and contract cases. We are specially equipped to deal with the difficult, high-conflict personalities that betray trust and break agreements. Our civil justice work includes cases involving:

​Civil justice cases are time-consuming and demand special attention, so we only take a few cases at a time. Other attorneys privately consult with us to help them strategize and prepare for discovery and trial. We also co-counsel and intervene in high-conflict matters with difficult, unreasonable narcissists and abusers to take those cases out of the slog of litigation and into trial so the client can obtain justice.