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Caregiver Neglect Attorneys in Oklahoma and Arkansas

Caregiver Neglect and Misconduct

In the United States, it is easy take some things for granted: that our children will be safe at day care and at school, and our children and parents will receive excellent care from dentists, doctors and other health care providers. Unfortunately, some service providers look to cut corners to maximize their profits or to take the easy way out when our family members need extra attention. Our civil justice system was designed to provide all of us access to courts to seek compensation for harm caused by people who cut corners or neglect us or our family.

Another thing we sometimes take for granted is that professionals have insurance. In minor collisions, sometimes each driver exchanges insurance information and nothing else happens: the insurance companies “take care of it.” This causes us to forget that insurance companies are for-profit entities. They have obligations to their owners and shareholders to make as much money as possible. This means that they try to pay nothing or as little as possible for every claim, no matter how legitimate the claim is and no matter how bad the damage was.

All of this is why trial lawyers are so important. A jury trial provides a level playing field, eliminating the insurance company’s incentive to minimize legitimate claims. This is why insurance companies have spent billions of dollars supporting a false narrative for “tort reform,” because they hate having to really account and pay full compensation to an injured person — it decreases their profits.

If you or a loved one have been injured in the care of someone else, you need a trial lawyer who will work to help you fully assess and value your claim and who can take your case all the way, as far as necessary to obtain full compensation.