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Three Victories in One Week

On Behalf of | Sep 11, 2021 | Appeals, Child Custody, Criminal Defense

During the first week of September, 2021, our work through the summer paid off in three big ways in our primary practice areas.

The month began with Katie receiving an appellate reversal restoring parental rights from an adoption case.

Then, Mandy Bradley obtained a dismissal of a gun charge in Payne County. The client had been charged with “Reckless Conduct With a Firearm.” The case had its challenges, including that the State had complete video footage of the entire event. However, during her legal research Mandy confirmed that the Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals required that the State be able to prove that the gun was loaded. Law enforcement had never inspected the gun, so there was no evidence about whether the gun was loaded or not. Mandy and Aaron filed a motion to dismiss for lack of evidence, and the criminal charge was dismissed.

Finally, on Friday, September 10, Katie made her closing argument in a multi-day child custody case. Years ago, long before we were engaged in the matter, the opposing party had obtained the children with an emergency custody filing, and the children had resided with him ever since. The case had many attorneys and complexities, and when trial was finally set, we were hired as trial counsel. After three days of trial, Katie made her closing argument, and the judge was persuaded to restore primary custody of the minor children to our client.

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