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Billing and Payment

On Behalf of | Dec 28, 2022 | General, Resources

Consultation Fees

Criminal Defense and Family Law

We charge a consultation fee for our time for criminal defense and family law matters for several reasons:

1. Our consultations are designed to help you develop a plan for resolution. This means we spend the time in consultation meaningfully talking to you about you and your situation. We work in a consultation meeting much the same way as if you had already hired us and are already our client. We want the consultation to have value for you

2. We have a sophisticated intake pathway for family law matters, powered by artificial intelligence, to help us give you a meaningful consultation. You can check it out for free by clicking here

You may also check out our free criminal defense intake form here

3. We have to charge for our time in consultation to compensate us for the possibility that some people meet with us only to conflict us from representing their partner or ex-partner

4. Our consultation fee is slightly lower than our regular hourly rate

Injury Cases

We do not charge consultation fees and we do not bill you for our time or expenses on injury cases. We only get paid if you get paid. This is called a contingency fee. If we do not obtain a settlement or a verdict, then you will not owe anything to us.

Client Billing

Contingency Cases

If we represent you seeking compensation for an injury, you will not receive a bill. At the end of your case, you will be provided a complete statement of time and costs, showing you our expenses, attorney fee and your total settlement

Family Law & Criminal Defense

For all houly matters, we bill twice a month, on the 1st and 15th of each month. You will receive a statement by email showing the details of all time and expenses of your case and all payments you have previously made. Our twice-monthly billing is designed to keep you updated on our work for you and to help you manage your budget for legal representation. No one else in Tulsa offers this level of billing detail and transparency.

Our money retainers are called “Evergreen” retainers. This means we ask the client to keep a designated amount in trust us at all times during our representation. For example, if your retainer is $3,000, we ask you to maintain that amount with us. If your billing statement shows that you have $2,500 in trust, this would mean that your billing statement would include a requested payment of $500, due within 10 days, to bring your account back up to $3,000. This ensures that we have funds to devote time and resources to your matter at all times. At the conclusion of our representation, you are entitled to a refund of any non-billed funds remaining in trust.

Here is a sample billing statement:

In this example, the client paid a retainer of $4,000. The client had been billed $600. The number on the top left of the statement shows the client that he still has $3,400 remaining in trust. However, since the retainer is $4,000, the statement requests payment of $600 within ten days of the email to restore the retainer to $4,000.

It is illegal for an attorney to work on a family law case on a “contingency fee” basis. In other words, a lawyer cannot work on a divorce or child custody matter on the promise of payment if a certain outcome is obtained. There is a disconnect between payment for services and the result or outcome of any specific matter, both legally and practically. No attorney who knows what they are doing will ever guarantee any outcome, because the nature of our system makes it impossible for anyone to accurately predict results. We have a case management system specifically designed to be transparent so that our clients see the complete details associated with our time and services. Our family law and criminal defense fee agreements and expectations for payment are not at all based on or connected to any particular result.