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Mariah Galutza


Born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma, I am currently staying true to the city and attending the University of Tulsa. Studying both Political Science and Media Studies, I strive to understand and make connections between the people and the world around me. I am set to graduate from TU in May of 2025, and plan to attend law school in the fall after graduation.

My past year at the University of Tulsa has consisted of many laughs, adventures, and hours spent studying in the library. The fall semester of my first year, I realized very quickly that I had a love for learning, and began to completely dedicate myself to my studies. Since then, I have spent countless hours learning, and trying to gain as much knowledge as I can manage within my four year long education.

Prior to my start with Bundy Law, I always had an inkling that I wanted to be a lawyer. Growing up, I was often told I had the qualities needed: I was a reader, writer, and frequently found myself trying to prove everyone around me wrong. While these qualities have on occasion given me some trouble, they have also directly correlated to my ability to think critically and analyze any person or situation that comes my way. The time I have spent with Bundy Law has provided me with firsthand experience in these areas as I have assisted around the office.